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City of Dubrovnik celebrates its patron saint. St Blaise festivities in Dubrovnik

St. Blaise, an Armenian bishop and martyr, is also known as the patron saint of Dubrovnik. His relationship with Dubrovnik is quite unique and special considering the fact that he never visited Dubrovnik. It is believed that a local man had a vision in which St. Blaise appeared warning him that the Venetians were planning to conquer the city of Dubrovnik. The citizens were alerted and prepared themselves for the possible attack; and was because of this, that the Venetians aborted their plan to attack the city. Ever since the year 972, the people of Dubrovnik celebrate February 3rd as the feast day of St. Blaise. Many citizens of Dubrovnik who live abroad, use this opportunity to visit their hometown and celebrate the city's patron saint.

This time of the year is truly magical and if you visit Dubrovnik the beginning of February, you will be able to take part in the number of St. Blaise festivities and happenings. The main event is the morning mass, with procession which will take place on February 3rd on the Stradun and nearby streets.

For more information about the detailed St. Blaise event schedule, contact the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik at http://experience.dubrovnik.hr/lang/en/index.html

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